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The Ares Update is Finnaly Live! - [NEW] Unique Reborn System, [New] Pets: Liquidlust, Behemoth and Two Headed Cobra, [NEW] Dungeons, Maps and Monsters, [NEW] Unique Ranked Weapons and Gold Star Version Pets, [NEW] Unique Ares Final Awakening, New Bosses and Champion Monsters and more! | Sign Up and join our Server Discord Channel | Active Server Development and Roadmap! | Weekend 2x EXP - DROP - BUFFS EVENT!! | Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens! - Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices | Level Cap Increased to lv 230! | Player Reborn Increased to 30! | [NEW] Custom Unique content! | Follow like and share our social media pages for free giveaways! | Weekly Boss Invasion Event - Time : 11-12 PM (CEST) | Event Hoster - [GM]Exterminator | Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC Games (Free to Play! the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience in an EN classic Medieval Fantasy Anime MMO online RPG, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with PvP and PvE combat action on private servers. [PC Best MMORPG 2023]. Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC GAME (Play the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy The Ultimate Gaming Experience in a EN Classic Fantasy MMO Online RPG PvP and PvE Private Servers | PC Best MMORPG 2023.
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    [Preview]: Unlocked Reborn Aura - [New] Two Headed Cobra & Liquidlust Dragon Pet!

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  • Our picks

    • Class Balancing 5-15 Live [Latest Updates see our Discord!]
      Hate Aura
      (PVE/PVP) [Active-Skill]
      [NEW] Monster Pull Effect Range Increased [Significantly] by +300% 40m!

      For the latest balancing classes full details can be found in our discord channel!
      Following Classes are Re-Balanced 10-11-2023
      [NEW!] Overlord 
      More Upcoming!
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    • Vulcanus Update Release! [Full Patch Notes]
      Vulcanus Update!
      Custom made Vulcanus Deco Items with set bonus effects, skill cast on hit, random stats including crit power and more!
      Equiping more armor parts unlock the set bonus even further!
      Set contains of Lava Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, 2h Weapon / 1h Weapon + Shield and Lava Wings.
      The materials needed to get each part is shown below
      Currently you can exchange materials obtained from The Vulcanus dungeon for new items!
      Hector in Horizon / Laksy Town will help you exchange the materials for the new items!

      The Power of The Gods!
      During your adventure on hunting monsters around the world, your character will obtain one of Blessings for a limited time!
      Blessing By The God Hephaestus Godly Armor
      Blessing By The God Ares Immense Power
      Blessing By The Goddess Artemis Grace Blessing
      *[Now checks if the player has Grace already activated, adds Everlasting Love instead to increase Item Drop Rate!
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    • 4. [NEW!] Ares Content Update is Finally Live! [Full Patch Notes]
      The Ares Update Release!

      Max Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
      Level 220 & Level 230 Reward Box Unlocked
      Starter Pack Timed Liquidlust Pet for 2 Weeks for newly and existing players!
      [Daily] Char & Pet EXP & Drop Buff item inserted to all players, you can use this item every day 24 hours cooltime
      See your inventory when logged in with the New Ares Client!

      Advanced Reborn / Prestige
      Reborn 21th - 30th Unlocked
      Required Player Lv 230, talk to the Trial Guardian to reborn your character to reset it back to level 1
      You will obtain Advanced Reborn Token +1 Reborn Crown
      This unlocks even greater and newer buffs, from all stats increase, stack-able buffs, aura effects and AOE dot effects.
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    • 3. Artemis Content Update! [9.6+ Pets] [Full Patch Notes]
      Upcoming youtube video!

      The New Pets can be tamed in the following locations:
      Death Gladiator (Horizon Arena, Abyss Challenge 2)
      New Wind, Forest & Ethereal Pixie (Laksy Field near Blue Pixies)
      Crystal Golem, Slaughter, Hector and Ice Spider (Remains of The Ancients)
      Liquidlust ( Dragon Nest )

      Where do these New Empty Pet Cards drop?
      In The Abyss Challenge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Stage. 

      New Boss Cards!

      Available through Reborn Token Rewards, T-Gold Coin NPC, Golden Spins or by Boss Drops:
      Devil Reviac Card
      Crazy Hagen Card
      Yushiva Card
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    • 2. Hephaestus Content Update! [Full Patch Notes!]
      Hephaestus Full Client!

      Kicking off with 3x EXP Event!
      Server Buffs
      Login Event ( Spin Tokens New Items )
      More events wil follow in the upcoming 4 weeks, so stay tuned for more!
      Social Media Giveaway
      To Apply Like Share/Repost Chance to win  Yushiva's Belt and more!
      Keep an eye on the upcoming social media post
      Discord Channel
      Join our Discord Channel for the latest news and upcoming spoilers!
      1k+ Players already joined ↴
      Discord Channel https://discord.gg/fpwExmR
      ITEMSHOP +50% Extra Bonus Coins!

      Weekly screenshot Event!
      Chance to win Blue Okami Mount!
      To apply post your ingame screenshot showing your creative deco armor sets ^^
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  1. Patch Notes 2.7 The Tomb Of Behemoth Increased 1h Weapon drops. Reduced World boss Priest Godly Protection buff 75% = 24% Forbidden Land increased drop chance. Energy of Gold,Tomato bug solved. Remains of The Ancient Snowman tameable now. Wcoin - coupons trader. Forums update: Group banners, Emotions. Installing advanced network hardware. Improve overal server performance. Prevent game lag spike & disconnection. Skills No Cooltime! (Added 0.5/1.2 sec cast time) WildStream Bleak Squal Arctic Blast edit 6sec cooltime Double Shot Divine Flash reverted back Nightmare Skill reduced cooltime Holy Ground = 10 sec (Prevent spaws in towns to cause player dc) reverted back to 60 sec Improved Skill Damage/Dot. Poison Shot Piercing Arrow Fire Field (Improved Dmg) Lightning Field (Old Reduced -atk spd = New Reduced -Mov spd) Bug solved: Darkness Arrow (Perm cooltime) Holy Ground (Perm cooltime) Putrefy (Perm cooltime) Veteran Sense Possibly Fixed. Time Lapse Wild Instict Occultism Added 2 warp locations to field teleport: Dead spirit Altar (Hero Hector NPC) Temple headquarters Return of bosses around Horizon Town! - Like the old Tournament Oforia, Abhuva, Primal Scream, Taranida, Likirus, Soulseeker, Takin, Betrayal, Ashmaw the Devrourer, Sand Lord Kynish, Silex the Giant, Baron Madius, Emmanuel Raymond, Bear Mother, Stormbringer Lucius, Kiscia, Lady Ruina, Aurumis, Dominatus the Mad, Queen Eratia, Ilrios, Draka, Queen Eva, Obisidikar, Vulcanus, Butkadah. Near Dune Cliffs: (Stage 4) Medusa, Black Widow, Microraptor, Bone Dragon, Mephisto, Lilith, Soul Of Lunacy. Grand Master Hector, Beast Golem, Ogre, Baphomet, Undine, Minotaur, Drillbot. Added Monster Drops Remains of the Ancient Crystal monsters Yeti, Spider, Snowman. Medusa Helmet Bone Dragon Armor Microraptor gloves Black Widow Boots Arena Mystery Boxes Random Summoning Scrolls Ancient Magic Scrolls Forbidden Land Improved Guardians overall stats: HP/DMG/DEF/EXP Distorted space Governor Mach's Gloves Distorted space Governor Daman's Gloves Distorted space Governor Nemon's Gloves Distorted space Governor Skadi's Gloves Distorted space Governor Mach's Boots Distorted space Governor Daman's Boots Distorted space Governor Nemon's Boots Distorted space Governor Skadi's Boots Random Summoning Scrolls Cyber Angel, Hyperion Golem, Pandora (Respawn Time 10min) Distorted space Governor Mach's Armor Distorted space Governor Daman's Tights Distorted space Governor Nemon's Garb Distorted space Governor Skadi's Coat Random Summoning Scrolls Arena Mystery Box Elite Boss Soul Philosopher's Scroll *The End of our Halloween Event! Congratulations to our Winners, collecting most Wcoins - Coupons! 1st: [LMS]Arjunan: 1504 (+25 Weapon of choice!) 2nd: Cyanide: 1423 (+25 Nusylite Armor 1/4 Part) 3rd: Skull: 304 (Astray Dragon Cloak +25 All stats +200 P/M.Accurracy +10 Crit pwr) Start 1 Week of 2x Exp 100% Boost - until 7th November! Did you join our social media pages yet? Win prizes, exclusively on social media platforms! Our 1st giveaway! What is your favorite pet? Win 50 T-Gold Coins! To apply: Like & Share this post on social media platforms. 1: Click here 2: Instagram: Click here Winner will be selected randomly.

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